Future Article for Sevenmagazineorg

Just posting some first thoughts that will become an article at some point in the future:

America: The Un-Christian Nation

5 all-American values that make America the least Christian nation in the world

As my journey of faith takes me farther and farther away from the evangelical roots in which it was born, I have become fascinated with both the way that brand of Christianity has so explicitly joined itself to the ideas and values of being an “American,” and with what I would consider an authentic Americana, that being a true, non-commercial culture of the United States. While I do not have the space with which to explore either of those topics fully, that very exploration has led to a personal revelation-of-sorts: that the same national values that American Christianity has warmly embraced are precisely the values that make it the most disempowered and mocked faith in the world today. So without further ado , here are the “5 all-American values that make America the least Christian nation in the world”:

  1. Individuality

  2. Greed

  3. Inhospitality

  4. Ignorance of suffering

  5. Fascination with war

As for me, I’m moving to Europe in the first half of 2003. I’m outta here, off to study this beautiful country from a safe distance that will undoubtedly make my heart grow fonder. But for now, I’ll just bail for the land where I’ve most experienced community, generosity, hospitality, an understanding of suffering, and a striving for peace.