I’m catching up on some of my favorites today. I have a TON of links there that I set really quickly while I’m surfing important sites. Currently, I’m experiencing quite a bit of information overload. You’ll see what I mean as I blog these links in an attempt to sort through and organize this stuff.

Fonts: can’t design without them, and the more the better, methinks. A couple weeks ago I found all these sites with tons of free fonts:

1001 Free Fonts - download free true type fonts – pretty self-explanatory

Free Comic Fonts – ditto


Chank – this is a really cool site/artist…definately check out the pictures of their studio.

More about what font to use on your page. I’ve taken to disabling all font types and sizes in my browser–I see everything in 10pt Verdana. I don’t mind Times, but Arial is just stupid.