Misfits Show

So I went to a Misfits show last night, a band that has been playing punk since 1977. 1977!!

The night (for us, we showed up a tad late) started with The Issue. I know their bass player, but had never seen them live before. Very good stuff. Glad I caught them. They already have photos on their site.

The last opener was a crazy (even that word does this outfit no justice) southern metal band called, check this out people, Alabama Thunderpussy. They were so loud, I had my earplugs in all night and with ATP, it felt like without the earplugs for the rest of the bands (even the Misfits). Not normally my kind of music but the musicians and the stage show was so authentically out of control and energized I couldn’t help but like it. I mean, just check out the guy on the left, one of the guitarists. Also, the lead singer kept throwing the mic around, and at one point that thing just flew into the crowd! Some kid picked it up and threw it back onto the stage. The dude just plugged it back in and kept going! I got the shirt…definately going to be sporting it in FL…no image of it on the web that I can find or I would share it with you…it is awesome…let’s just say it has the word “brand” and “100% virginia raised” written on it (along with that classic band name, of course).

Finally, the Misfits. What can you say? A bunch of old farts but how do they rock! (“THIS ONE’S CALLED PET CEMETARY 1-2-3 GO!”) Marky Ramone (right) is on drums for Mr. Only (the only original band member). To see such a legend and make Scott very jealous were my two biggest motivators for going to the show. :)