Quotable Also More Xmas Mp3s

Miriam, after preparing potatoes and salad for dinner last night (it was yummy!): “Just poor people’s food.” Me: “Some of the poorest people I know have it the best!” (I was specifically thinking about her maternal grandparents.)

Miriam, today, while listening to Bob Marley (jokingly): “I always thought he said ‘German’ there.” Me: “Cuz we’re German we’re German we’re German we’re German so I hope you like Germans too!”

Current Christmas mp3: What a Year for a New Year by Dan Wilson of Semisonic, off of the collection maybe this christmas which also has songs by Coldplay, Ron Sexsmith, Sense Field, and Ben Folds.

Update: currently Grandma got run over by a reindeer, due to popular demand by M. :)