Good Music for Times Like These

The Doves–Caught from the River (on

The Doves–Pounding (5.5M mp3)

update: figured out these songs tonight–they are remarkably simple, chord structure-wise. just goes to show that that is not what’s important! (aside: I notice messed up things in the English language now that I’ve compared it favorably to Bosnian on a few occations–so “…is not what is…”?? good knight. someone tell me there is a better way.)

For nonmusical types: there are numbered chords in each key, 6 I think, you can throw other chords in there for good measure if you want, but basically you work around those six a vast majority of the time. SO, the two Dove’s songs are both in the same key (commmon–most of my songs are too, in fact, G–1/2 step higher than these, if memory serves), and their chord structures are as follows:

Caught is 5-4-1-5.

Pounding is 1-5-4-1 and 4-5-6-4.

have fun.

Michael Miller–When We Come To (5.4M mp3)

up: i am slowly coming to, thank god.