Revolution Pollution

now is the time

choose your revolution

be careful how you pick ‘em

one is caused by the other’s solution

now is the time

when you don’t call we’ll understand

it’s hard to find a moment to spare

living day to day in this dry land

constitution prostitution

institution evolution

execution restitution

revolution pollution</i>

update (figured you might like this one):

now is the time

it’s all about might doesn’t matter who’s right

we need to feel in control

we need to save everybody else’s soul

now now now now

now is the time

buy push pull steal borrow lend stand kneel

listen loosen moisten glisten slower faster blow the pistons

update: i was going to say that i want to record this tune and American Dream Town together. they go together musically and lyrically (oh and since i first posted i’ve worked out all the music to this tune). so i rooted around the archives and realized i never put those lyrics here before! well, here we go:

would you believe i don’t have them on this computer! ha ha! well, i’ll type the second verse and chorus:

Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful / Don’t go lookin’ for my long lost soul / Some time and money is all you need / They’ll give you a shot and start to kneed / Yer face like dough there’s no need to know / Yer true light within just spin spin spin / Slap a logo on yer chest / Don’t worry about the rest

In this town / This American town / This dream town / This American Dream Town…

also: regarding Revolution Pollution’s chorus–this was originally just a stream of words but then I started putting them together (I have masturbation education stored away for live shows :) in ways that kinda made sense, except if you do take them to be meaningful, then the lines are badthing-goodthing-goodthing-badthing, respectively. ??