World Wide Christweb

ChristCENTRAL’s web robot, ChristCrawler, utilizes one custom META tag. name=”ChristCrawler” takes the values noarchive, nofollow, and noindex, treating them exactly the same as if they were used in the robots META tag. Using the ChristCrawler tag allows web authors to give ChristCrawler one set of instructions, and all the other engines a different set.

(from here via anil)

Maybe if I make a mCCMS (micro ChristContent Management System) I can capitalize on the ChristWeb and take the bank just like CCM (Contemporary ChristMusic) or FCB (Family ChristBooks). In fact, maybe I’ll have a bigger audience here if I do danielsChristjourney and Integration ChristResearch.

Any and all use of faith in marketing, and the entire “christian” publishing industry, is peeve 13.