forgive me dan for just copying this straight out of your site, but it is something i have thought about a lot, not so much lately, but plenty overall; and this provided a lot of cool clarity which i don’t want to lose:

the “revelatory” as a jarring memetic master gene, a Pax-6 of the spirit, speaking out of and into the human conscience as a certain justice, sympathy and convivial expectation–a certain way of co-living that allows for an opening to the peripheral aporia at the heart of the living and telling of higher stories.

as Pax-6 controls the development of eyes in all creatures that have them so Meme-6 controls the development of that capacity for humankind to hear something otherwise than they have known.

{obviously, this is no biochemical or, even, categorical reality. though, in concert with the chain of neurological events in the superior parietal lobe, the Meme-6 centers and drives us through the you/non-you dichotomy to otherness.}