Snapshots From the Week That Was

When you work at home there is no concept of a week. I worked the most friday through monday; but today still feels like a monday.

I have found nonsweatshop clothes. it was not that difficult. I am going to make a section under activism with all the brands I’ve found that are made in the States, or at least in a western country with some kind of labor law. But for now here is what I found:

Carthart jeans and winter coat–winter coat was the hard one, but I searched and found! Also Schott NYC has some coats that are made in the US. I love both my coat and jeans, they are way better than anything else. Carthart markets towards workers, but I feel a new blue-collar chic coming on; I do really like the style of these clothes.

Red Wing shoes. Tough, insulated shoes were also an issue, but Red Wing, made in Michigan, came through big-time! I got these boots that I’m sure are going to last a very, very long time. Also Campers are made in Spain. I have had a pair of those for a year now and love them.

That’s it for now; much more comprehensive list forthcoming. Next challange is electronics, although that one is really difficult. Forthcoming Wired magazine article link about that.

There seems to be a huge outcropping of homemade blog systems as of late. But I’m actually encouraged, because SWM is turning out to be so uber-blog. I had the thought the other night that there are probably some brilliant coders in Sarajevo who could use some work, any work. this could be a really good thing.

I never got the duct tape thing. Advantage of not having a TV. It’s amazing how fucked up the mainstream media is; I’m shocked and bewildered every time I encounter it, which isn’t very often anymore. note to self: must educate people to ignore that shit. I think having to avoid the porn on the internet is better than the constant brainwashing of Fox News and The Next Dumbass Reality TV Show. the only intelligent things I’ve heard as of late I’ve read on the web.

My advice to bloggers: never blog about your work. people have been fired for much (dead link) less (dead link).

Miriam now uses the same HTML editor I do. She modifies and uploads her own static pages. She’s arrived. She’s a techie.

He: I wanna make love long time.

5 minutes later: Uh, I think I could go for a double. Just hang on a few minutes.

5 minutes later: Uh, I don’t think that’s going to happen.