A while back I wrote about a travel-around-the-world site/book/marketing campaign that offended my sensibilities a tad. Well a few days ago I found a travel-around-the-world site via dollarshort, this time a “non-affiliated” one (unless you count moveabletype–ha ha), and oh what a difference it makes.

Despite the kinda uber-personal-branding which is kinda skeevy, once you dive into this amazingly well designed and content-rich site, you too will become a fan. There are so many great quotes I couldn’t just pull one to demo. In addition, photographs and video (well produced while on the road in places like Laos and India) that are second to none. All of it with little to no sponsorship. Miriam has been reading more of the site than I have even, and we’re going to drop a fiver in the pail for the guy. Check him out.

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