What a Ripoff

If you go to IUMA and search for my old band, "hope against hope", you will find two

[Update: I just changed my “band name” so this probly won’t happen now anyway.]…NEEDLESS TO SAY mine was the first.

Now, I don’t mind, coincidence and all that, except for two things: they are from Orlando–oddly close to where I performed AS hope against hope, and they are on IUMA. That means when they signed up they SURELY saw that there was already a “hope against hope”. I wonder what they were thinking? “WE were the first!” “WE’LL get signed and let the lawyers take care of it!” “WHO cares?” “WE capitalize H, A, and H!”

OH I see they have hopeagainsthope.com. Well good for them. I wonder if they waited tooth and nail (ha that was the worst pun ever) as I let that one expire a year and a half ago.

Grrr…ok I’m over it. “Get over it.” I’m over it. :)