In said fear and trembling.

I have updated my music link to go to the daniel wayne miller americana project IUMA page, which has on it 2 new songs–American Dream Town and Just Say Yes–and a new mix of Numb Us, which collectively make up the new demo. I also threw up the old stuff worth keeping.

IUMA isn’t great, but it is a lot better than now…as many songs as you want, can seperate them into “albums”, and a Real audio format. I didn’t have any problems uploading the mp3’s. No strings attached; I just hope they can stick around; they had an emergency a year and a half ago and almost went bye-bye; fortunately someone bought them and kept the site up. It’s a charity gig for them I’m sure.

If anyone wonders about the glamorous life of a DIY musician, here are two shots of me recording American Dream Town:

Like I said, everything else is done on the floor.

Here is the text for the demo sleeve:<blockquote> TheDanielWayneMillerAmericanaProject - demo v.0.2 - 01. Just Say Yes Just say yes, just say ok. Say, “You’re right, I’m just perfect today.” 02. Numb Us It’s like the first time–it’s over before it even began. 03. American Dream Town Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m beautiful. Don’t go lookin’ for my long lost soul. Some time and money is all you need. They’ll give you a shot and start to kneed you face like dough–there’s no need to know yer true light within, just spin spin spin. Slap a logo on your chest and don’t worry ‘bout the rest. - contact: - web: - audio instructions: listen either very softly or very loudly with the washing machine on and after no less than two pints, unless you are an alcoholic, then please skip the pints, or a baptist, in which case skip the entire demo if you would - thank you for choosing to consume quality American Dream products</blockquote> …

mistakes we knew we were making:

“Theese town, theese American Dream Touuuun?”

Yes. This is after all. Sort of. Think an uptempo Nick Cave.

Drums and voice way out front?

Yeah. My Korg recorder should have a big sticker on it: ALL YOUR MIDTONES ARE BELONG TO US. Sounds good in the ‘phones.

Numb US vocal 2?

Yeah. Couple fuck ups that I kept. I say “ever” instead of “even” one time, and it’s so far back it’s practically an audio easter egg, but at the end of the bridge I was trying to sing the octave on an already high note and my voice just stopped and I said “shit”.

Second drum track on American Dream Town?

The Hip Hop 2 setting. Old school baby. Flipped the channels during mixdown. Highlight of the whole thing for me was nailing it coming out of the bridge. Not exactly like playing the drums, but considering what I’ve got (just what’s built into the Korg), I think I do a good job.