Around Town

I was going to write an essay about my sister-in-law Eva, how you can learn so much from people that society, in general, discounts because of their handicap. Maybe I will still write that essay, although I am always the most inspired when I’m around her. One thing I will say now is that she is the person I most look forward to meeting in the afterlife. We’re gonna talk for a long time. Anyway, I like this picture of her I took while they were in town. This is a common look for her. Pretty scholarly, actually.

Sitting in the air and space museum, snapping some pics…this one came out the best.

The sticker at the top says:<blockquote>Classical Biblical Musical

Transcendental Instrumental


ENLIST ATHEIST</blockquote>…I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Fire escape, M St. NW