Pretty Much Off

We leave Tuesday. Tomorrow morning I pack up the DSL modem and it will most likely be a couple weeks before I get re-connected. I thought briefly about using Blogger to create my blog entries just in the interim, but no. If it is possible to command-line FTP from an internet cafe in Sarajevo I might be able to update sometime sooner.

Nervous? Scared? Yeah, for sure. Not cognitively though. So much is in place already. I have to give major major props to M, who has taken care of pretty much everything. She is the most organized person ever.

I pretty much continuously vacillate between confidence and fear. I’ve wanted to live in Europe since I was 18 and first went there; and I realize that this situation is probably the best possible way it could happen. My anxieties are not really with the living overseas part–I think that is actually a good thing for a creative person–but the same things that I struggle with this side of the pond. The problem with being a writer, musician, photographer, installation artist, non-profiteering entrepreneur, software developer, web designer, educator, and student is that that is 8 things too many.

And yet I am most definately called to do all those things and more. So what is a man to do.

I was re-reading the link to my Miss Sarajevo entry just now, and in the great tradition of this thing–inspiration, hope, Chi–something I wrote myself helped me out. {Whoever says blogging is stupid is stupid. lol.}<blockquote>I am newly inspired…That everything will come together the way it was intended, that life’s connections have meaning, that there are integrations of soul and sand ahead worth moving forward for…</blockquote>