We’re just about to run out to a movie with some friends. The Bosnians we met before in DC have been the best to us…taking us out all the time, meeting us for coffee, making us feel welcomed and comfortable in a new city.

We got a lot of stuff Friday and Miriam unpacked it all today. I was pretty unmotivated…all props must go to her.. …It is nice to have things again, although it makes me think about the importance and place of things. We lived without all this stuff for almost a year, perfectly fine. Yeah, it is real nice to have the stereo back…that was my priority and we have had it on non-stop since I put it all together. But some of the things are like, “Why do we have this?” And we downsized twice before moving to DC! Crazy. …We have three cheese graters.

Today we went to the American PX out at the military base outside of town. It was very interesting. Before we went to the base, we stopped at the CD stores just outside the gates. It is unbelievable. Not a single CD is original…they are all pirated. $2.50 per. It is a record exec’s total nightmare. Miriam got some new releases. The cool thing–they also have mp3 CDR’s with every record of an artist. Every record of U2. Every record of INXS. Every record of you name it. I mean thousands of CD’s in tens of shops. I got the mp3 CDR’s of Dead Can Dance and Thievery Corp. 5 clams for 20 or so records, alltogether.

When you come visit we’ll take you out there, if that’s your thing. You might want to bring an empty suitcase if it is. They also have movies, software and console games. I saw Microsoft SQL Server for 10 clams. Too funny.

In an unrelated bit of small news I’ve neglected to share, Slovakia will begin allowing foreigners to adopt, starting in 2004.

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