Mexican Food

After the movie last night (The Recruit, english with big bosnian subtitles {I think I learned a couple words that way}, it’s called “Fresh Blood” {same as “new blood” in english} here), we were taken to a “mexican” restaurant. First, we drove up one of the hills surrounding town, the view down over the city at night (it was about 11 o’clock…just in time for dinner…heh) was beautiful.

One thing I can’t properly show or describe is how small this city is. I think it must be about the size of Harrisburg Pa. (The way the hills are reminds me of Berkeley Ca. a bit, too, if it had hills on both sides instead of the bay.) Sarajevo is long, but across it is very short. In that picture from out our window, we could walk to those houses on the hill in about a half hour. But even though it is small there are a lot of tiny streets leading every which direction, especially up on the hills.

So we end up on this semi-residential street way up the (other) hill somewhere, park, walk down a bit, and sure enough there is this tiny little place on the ground floor of an apartment building. The city is quiet, dark. For all we know, we’re halfway to Croatia, even though we are (potential) walking distance from our apartment. Then we walk into this joint–it is full of people, decorated in warm, pretty authentic mexican style, and salsa music is playing (not exactly mexican but hey). We sit down, have some pivo, and eat some mexican food. Not the real thing, but considering we are in the Balkans…

Next thing you know we’ve laughed the night away, climbing the four flights of stairs to our place at 2am.