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It’s really bothering me how HTML doesn’t have a c with a thingie on it, only s with a thingie on it š. Anyone know how to make a c like that?

Anyway, say Toochepee.

That’s where we were on the weekend.

Water is absolutely crystal clear.

Stone beaches.

Can see from where I sit at a caffe bar/restaurant into the sea 5 meters away, another 3 meters deep to the bottom. Water is perfectly cool. Air is perfectly warm.

Weekend has been very good for me. I’m recharged, warmed up, ready to tackle projects, conquer the world, fulfill the dream(s). I could go back today, but perhaps it is good to be “forced” (yeah, right) to stay, relax, soak (sun and water), take pictures, sleep, read.

Heard: Croatian (duh), Bosnian (almost/essentially the same thing), German, Slovak, Czech, British English, American English. Miriam can, of course, understand and speak all of those, and her head is spinning. She is so brilliant (and beautiful, of course!)…I said to her, Must be nice to have such a practical genius…

One thing that may need some explanation is that construction in Eastern Europe is done on an as-can-afford basis. This accounts for the number of half-finished homes, even on the relatively wealthy costal areas. Little bit different paradigm than in the States.

Europeans may laugh at some of my “obvious” observations; hopefully the rest are at least enlightened (or maybe only entertained themselves).

Stone beach = no sand stuck up your buttcrack all the time.

Got photographic eye back.

Digital fetish is good, but may erode the eye a bit. Definately different genres. Def diff pics.

Just took a ton of cool film shots. Color. Can’t wait to see them. Def a color location.

Later: wish I had duplicated a couple with the digital…scanner is still on it’s way…