Last Day on Coast Slash Drive Home

Above: last night, Makarska, Croatia.

We’re on the road home. We just had strawberries and peaches from a roadside stand. The drive down the coast was just as amazing on this stretch, cliffs to the left and 100ft. dropoffs to the crystalline sea below (we don’t need no stinkin’ guardrails). I could see another 12-20 feet down through the water to the bottom as well.

Villages nestle in every little inlet. They don’t call this the Makarska Riviera for nothing. More picturesque scenes I’ve only seen in pictures.

Reading Fight Club. Reading a lot of fiction causes you to self-narrate your life like it were {}. Chuck makes you do it in short sentences.

One thing I neglected to write about both last weekend and on the drive out this weekend was just how beautiful inland BiH is…huge tree-covered mountains everywhere, amazing clear blue-green rivers, lakes, and storybook hillside villages. Today as we drove through the mountains small low clouds were draped around their middles like t-shirts. Felt like you could just take a short walk up into the sky.

Last night we talked about what happened in Bosnia for the first time…our hosts lost a father and a brother…had a father in a concentration camp…innumerable friends lost. He worked at the hospital and watched the cars bring in people all day every day. Every car he looked for his family. He said there were sometimes 20 to a car. They’d throw them down on the sidewalk like wood.

We cannot understand what they experienced. We cannot begin to.

“It’s amazing what humans can endure.”

Rough translation of the quote of the evening.