Ani Moller

Being Foreign Is Hard<blockquote>When I first entertained the notion of relocating countries, I thought, “Hey, that’ll be cool.” I thought back to my high school days, and thought about the exchange students. I remembered almost every single exchange student from my high school, including a guy from Germany who went to the high school down the road. I remembered their accents, they way they dressed, who they hung out with. They tended to stick out in my mind because they were different and new and had funny accents. I thought it would be cool to be a foreigner. I’m telling you, it’s not really that cool.

a) no one understands you

b) no one understands you

c) no one understands you</blockquote>Burger King<blockquote>So I endeavoured to taste-test a cheeseburger from Burger King. I was disgusted. I almost couldn’t swallow it. It tasted like someone had rubbed charred pencils on the meat that had previously been up a cat’s ass, and then cooked it on an over-smoked smokey thing in the fiery pits of hell.</blockquote>from check out articles/.