For me, coding is a form of self-expression. It's probably the form I'm most effective at. Everything I code is arguably owned by the company. The company controls what I do with my code [in the past, it seemed I had freedom, but it turns out all of that was not really the case--rather, I was somehow avoiding the control illicitly (for 4 years)] The company controls the most effective means of self-expression I have. This is unacceptable to me as an individual, therefore I must leav. I don't know when it will be, but I'm not going to last much longer.

via Dan, who gives us the analysis:<blockquote>…looks like Frankle is resigning from AOL/Nullsoft after an amazing ride. i respect his technical abilities, but more his faithfulness to a provincial Nullsoft hacker culture despite having been snapped up for $85M back in the new economy days. a lesser man would have quietly disappeared into the AOL establishment or the cadre of made-men Internet millionaires leaving the world without the rogue code that is likely the impetus for his departure.

hats off to “Our Benevolent Dictator.”</blockquote>…of further interest is the prior entry:<blockquote>The last few days have been, erm, interesting, it will be, erm, interesting to see how they end up panning out. But I’m feeling pretty good, though like usual feeling misunderstood. I’ll try to clear it up next week.

At Ian’s suggestion been listening to Slint a bit. Good shit. So funny that one of the guys from Slint is now in Zwan, and Zwan sucks so hard. Well, they rule as musicians, but their songs suck. I don’t want to listen to christian rock.

…Yesterday driving home I listened to Lamb - Zero a couple times. Such a good song. So simple. Mmmm.</blockquote>ref