A Lame Excuse for a Blog Entry but Whats New Yeah Thats What I Thought

First of all, why didn’t anyone tell me Jane’s Addiction is back together? This is big news! I live in Sarajevo–for chrise sake, you gotta tell me these things!

I took the music link off the menu, and when I get online and publish this entry I will also probly go delete all my iuma and mp3.com pages, despite all the hard work that went into creating them. This is the big time, and I can’t have any crap floating around. Besides, while I had no problem sending you off the site for a particular area of content, visually it was horrible. Look for a placeholder about the record and upcoming gigs at the top of the homepage very soon, and eventually a proper music section of the site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have been emailing me and giving your feedback on the EP cover. It seems a pretty good majority for a rightside-up, and the tan on black color scheme also seems to have the momentum. I’ve designed the actual disk, the sleeve, and started concert flyers too.

Oh yeah, the concert was confirmed tonight–August 14 at Bock, which, in the off chance someone in Sarajevo is reading this and wants to come to the show, is right around the corner from Fis. I’ll have the address on the site anyway, closer to.

Full band! It is going to be way too much fun. Seriously need to pack the place with a lot of drinkers–we’re getting paid a percentage of the bar.