Clarifications and Errata

Other reasons for my hesitation on “Daniel Miller Band” – Steve Miller Band, Dave Matthews Band (even has same initials) :P

There are multiple versions of the cover floating around, rightside-up, upside-down, black/white, tan/black, white/black and black/tan. The one I put up is just my fav ATM. update and it changed to the rightside-up flag. I’m leaning towards either a couple different versions of the cover (if possible), or rightside-up for the EP and upside-down for the posters.

I’m updating the blogroll soon. I have to get online to get the URLs though. If you are wondering what my (new) qualifications are, I have to know you, read you, and you have to be linking to me already. Once I’m back in SWIM mode I will have an extensive links/portal section seperate from the blogroll. No one ever has, but please please do not ask to be put on my or anyone else’s blogroll; and don’t complain when you are delisted…that people do that to Jordon drives me crazy. Personally I think RSS and its ilk will soon make standard blogrolls obsolete.

Miriam read the site (yes it happens!) and reminded me that if you send snail mail to the address there without her name or “gso” it won’t get to me, because I AM NOBODY. So please please put something like “PLEASE DELIVER THIS TO DANIEL MILLER, WHO AT PRESENT IS ATTACHED TO MIRIAM MILLER, AKA ŠEFICA, WHO AT PRESENT WORKS IN GSO” or some such thing in the OFF CHANCE you would send me some snail mail.