My Mozilla Experiment

I started using Mozilla a few weeks ago. I did this because I am attempting to wean off of M$ product, and I wanted tabbed browsing.

I did indeed like the idea of using a really good open source product, the tabbed browsing, and their search sidebar is brilliant. It is also a shade faster in displaying pages, can control pop-ups perfectly, but takes longer to start up. But I am back to IE, and I’ll tell you why.

The thing that finally caused the switchback was that I killed Mozilla one time from the OS (i.e., didn’t allow Mozilla to shut down by itself), I can’t remember what the occasion was, but it doesn’t matter; point is, Mozilla lost all my favorites. Grr.

But that wasn’t even the main reason I went back to IE. Mozilla’s kerning is 1-2 pixels more narrow than IE’s for any Sans font, which makes it about twice as hard to read. Since the main thing we all do through our browser is read, this is fairly important.

We’ll see if the pop-ups annoy me enough to again bail on IE. I think I’ll just disable JS entirely. I’m becoming very anti-client-side-anything.