I Never

I never want to say my best days are behind me.

new end original, jonah to be precise, in the tune Lukewarm.

{aside: yes, I have determined that every fucking band website must be Flash-based. Not just use flash elements, no, entirely in flash. Me First and the Gimme Gimmies has to be one of the coolest band names I’ve ever heard, but I can’t find anything out about them, except that they are wearing shriner caps on their entry page (not a good sign, btw, just listen to “American Dream Town” once you get ahold of the EP).}

Oh, Scott, if you could hear how we are doing this song now, it’s totally crazy. Verses in country style, choruses in the original punk style, and the bridge in reggae, back into the final choruses in I kid you not true punk ass style screaming like crazy.