Ciao for Now

Not something I normally blog, but I have to disappear for a while. I don’t really want to leave ya’ll hangin’ on how the gigs go, but I don’t orchestrate these timings, unfortunately.

I’ve had this impending sense of doom since about the second week after before we moved here, actually, and last night it went from being just a dark cloud overhead to me feeling the first raindrops.

I’ll try to get the paypal links for the record up eventually, but if I don’t, forgive me, maybe it’ll leak on P2P.

also never fixed this site. the spirit of tech has seemed to have left me. not good.

{also sorry for not finishing my “art of the summer…” series, but suffice it to say: donnie darko, donnie darko, donnie darko}

fuck the money, fuck me, fuck it all! woot!

lithium can be sent to the address above.