Tonight Maktub and Salim Nourallah at the Gypsy Tea Room

In a welcome relief from real life, there is a great show tonight at the Gypsy Tea Room. Three great reasons to attend:

  1. Salim Nourallah is an amazing musician and local legend.

  2. Maktub, from Seattle, includes Daniel Spils, part of the Robot Co-op, makers of 43 Things, and one of his goals is to meet 43 Things users while on tour.

  3. It’s Ryan’s birthday / going away party. Ryan runs a lot of the show at both Landmark Theaters here in Dallas and from what I understand he’s moving to Chicago to open a new Landmark there.

Update: So it turns out Maktub is really good. See this band whenever you have the chance. Bad turnout tonight in Dallas but they still rocked for at least an hour and a half…great tunes, great mix, great stage presence…they have it all. I also was able to talk to Daniel Spils before and after the show…until the GTR people kicked everyone out at 12:45…WTF?

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