I wonder if we’re all simply trying to be ourselves…and events and other people somehow impinge on that ability, in either constructive or deconstructive challenges to our identities. We all want to be accepted for who we are, but be it an unhappy partner, a rejection, the lack of accomplishment in our work environment, deceit, whatever the thing/s may be, they challenge that identity and in turn impede that attempt to simply be ourselves.

We are drawn to people who reinforce that identity and groups that are homogeneous primarily in their ideals–Christians, hipsters, goths, punks, shoegazers, skaters, painters, activists, thieves, murderers.

Hal and I hung out for a little bit the other night. You can read his account here.

Hal pretty much just threw the camera at me and for a few minutes I had a blast framing the world through a lens again. I have jettisoned many things for the sake of mere survival and attempts to change the world and attempts (mostly failures) to be smart. I realized snapping a few shots that night that I really miss that form of visual interpretation and communication. Capturing the light and the darkness.