Mediocrity in Software Design

I’m realizing much of the problems with software is that it aims to make complex processes more simple (by which I mean simple-minded), instead of either making complex processes ridiculously simple or making complex processes easier.

Case in point is my current conundrum, content management. Content management -slash- website design and maintenance are very complex tasks. Most tools try to wash those tasks so an average user can accomplish some of them, and the tool takes care of the rest.


Instead, a CMS should be either just a white box, or all the abstract pieces for a developer to contruct the white boxes.

…if that made any sense at all

Bottom line, the existing paradigms for tool creation only frustrate everyone, instead of solving problems on the heavily populated edges and forcing those few in the middle to choice naivety or mastery.

…later: realized this is similar to the beginning of this, or at best a continuation…