jordoncooper.com: Interviewing Daniel Miller (May 2005)

I got lost once walking back to Johnny’s at 4am, and it was cold and I was tired, but at one point it was like a music video–there were people falling headfirst out of pubs onto the sidewalk in front of me, a car pulled up and a gang of people jumped out of it, ran into an alley beside me, and two of the guys started fighting. It was frightening and invigorating and I remember that 2 hour walk fondly.

…I was seeing how well I Googled “daniel miller web development” and this was my only entry on the first page of results (still not bad considering I have not promoted myself as such in years). I used this interview as my “about” section for a good year or so. I like it. I like that Jordon’s site has lots of Googlejuice too! :)

It is also the only written account of the night described in the quote above. Something else happened that night that I also remember fondly but rarely speak of.