Greenbelt Highlights (in No Particular Order)

  • Coldcut
  • Surprise Aqualung set, covering Abba, straight into Radiohead, back to the Abba tune. And stage banter: “We had the unexpected business of becoming popular in America…which I don’t recommend.”
  • Over the Rhine’s new drummer
  • Running into the same lady I met first at Danielson in Denton, then saw at Paste venue at SX, at Denison show
  • Seeing everyone plus some I haven’t seen in many years…lots of good convo at the organic beer tent
  • Duke Special with full band and extra transcendence
  • More amazing mind blowing convos at the beer tent
  • “Did he pull you or did you pull him?”
  • dfg. “…You have exquisite taste. And you don’t like Delirious.”
  • “In America that means something else entirely. If I’d been asked that I would have been like, ‘Well, I don’t know how I could pull her, but no, jeez, we just met.’”

I did the least program-wise but got the most out of GB this year, which I found interesting. I traveled alone, about 24 hours total from my door to my tent. I wandered most of the first day until Kester’s birthday celebrations that evening, when I expected to run into most people I knew. (I somehow ran into Steve Collins earlier which was nice to finally see a familiar face after a few hours at the festival.) And from that moment it was just chill uber-community. I am actually really having a hard time finding words. I felt more connected to the community here this year than I have in the past. I think it is just one of those deals where the less agenda one has, even down to what programming one intends to consume, the more open one is to real moments of serendipity.

I’m in a coffee shop across from the train station, on my last few minutes of battery, trying to get my iPod charged for the journey to Swansea, where I’m off to to visit with Wood and his family. It will be very good to get clean and re-connected to the real world. Greenbelt was fairly perfect this year, even down to timing.

Soundtrack for the trip so far:

Salim Nourallah: So Down, The Wicked are Winning

St. Vincent, off her debut: Jesus Saves, I Spend, Marry Me

Travis: Closer, Big Chair

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