Just boarded plane, Cardiff->Galway. Again filled with positive energy and excitement and hope. Somehow amazed at how easily plans for my trip have come together and smoothly the travel itself has gone. Wales highlights:

  • The Mighty Boosh!

  • Pints and conversation

  • Sleeping on a comfortable surface (despite having my most comfortable sleeping arrangements, for 3 out of 4 nights anyway, of GB history)

  • Homemade food (including pizza)

  • Broadband internet

  • Tea

  • Just hanging out with Wood and his family

The last being the point of the trip, wasn’t it? It was quite nice to just chat and laugh and compare cultural notes as it were. I only took any pictures on the drive out of town, and only a few at that. I was here for the people, and the surrounding only confirmed that my love for these islands is not confined to just England, something I suspect will be further confirmed in just an hour or so’s time.

It’s really all going to be ok.

Or is it really all going to be ok?*

  • 2, tops 3, ppl are going to get this.

Many people wanna make love, make friends, make peace with death. Most mainly want to win the game they came to win, they want to come out ahead. But you, you’re a rock with a heart like a socket I can plug into at will. And will you guess when I come around next I hope your open sign is blinking still.

(St. Vincent, Marry Me)

I got the feeling her standards are too high, so no matter how hard she tries, she always falls for the same guy.

(Douglas Coupland, Eleanor Rigby, pg 133)

…and god I hope that doesn’t apply to me…