If There Was EVER a Solution Looking for a Problem

Dear Jeff Bezos (one-week Kindle review) [Scobleizer]. Good lord. Yes, you are a geek. But the worst possible kind. There is a fine line between “This suxs” and “Fire! Burn! Loot!”

And as for one’s reasons for wanting ebooks go, those are horrible.

The book is going to be very hard to beat. Yes, the “Web” has killed text– in the way of newspapers, fliers, instruction manuals, dictionaries and encyclopedias–but in terms of the aesthetic a well-designed book achieves in terms of

  • Is typically a complete work

  • Requires no other device to consume

  • Utterly portable

  • A consummate consumable: Can be both held on to indefinitely or thrown right in the trash

…it is going to be a long time before there is any technology that can beat it. I mean, come ON: the image above is from Amazon’s own promotional shots! That’s like advertising Arial by putting it right next to Helvetica.

If anything, the return of The Fray as a paper publication is the best content-tech news of the week.

All via I Started To Write About How Fickle We Are, But Then I Lost Interest