Hates Intenets (Explorer)

danielsjourney’s margins just got fixed in IE7. No idea what it looks like in IE6. But really, anyone who uses IE probably doesn’t care about what web sites look like. (This is what it’s supposed to look like.) (Your OS- specific font/text treatments may vary.) Still can’t figure out what’s wrong with its list item bullets being not at all centered on the first line of list text, or why the list bullets don’t show up at all in the menu. But there is basically no styling other than the bullet graphic change out going on there, and I don’t even know if you can move around a bullet to get it to line up any better than the browser does by default.

Now on to johnnycitizen.com. That one has more issues, where I get really annoyed that IE doesn’t support fixed elements very well. I’m basically going to just start over there.