Lane Hartwell and the Great Creative Rights Conundrum

It all started a while back when Lane Hartwell got frustrated. Friends spoke up on her behalf.

At some point she called a lawyer and enacted the DMCA on the offending party’s asses. See Misunderstanding Copyright Law And Ruining Everyone’s Fun and/or My statement regarding the Richter Scales “Here comes another bubble” video dispute.

So there was some mainstream media coverage, and of course the bloggers sang along like a gospel choir. Some offered “easy” solutions.

Finally, she just sent an invoice. And the video was remade without her photograph included.

Early on in all this, I bought I’ve been tracking and writing about the situation in a friends-only post, but in the end, less is more.

So go over to, er, I mean It is customizable so that whenever you need to provide attribution to someone you can do it in really big text.

of-the-richter-scales-video/ (like this)