Announcing: Sugarfilled

I have a new project, sugarfilled, a brand umbrella and consultancy that is essentially the combined forces of Carissa Byers and myself. Between the two of us, we have all the creative and technical skills any small business or team might need to create their image, online and off. Brand ideation, logo design, photography, copywriting, web design, and web development. Lots more can be found out at the site, which I must add is still a work in progress…there are lots of goodies yet to come.

This blog will become more active and a place for me to jot down thoughts regarding the social and psychological aspects of the web and branding in an always-connected, always-consuming world. The name and description have been updated accordingly. (As for how long it will stay on blogger I can’t say. I do have my own CMS dog food to eat. This blog has just happened to live on Blogger since forever.)

To those who might be reading this post on Sugarfilled, hello! This is one of the blogs that the sugar feed is drawing from.