Some Ride to Remember, Some Ride to Forget

First I rode up the katy trail, then over to the lake (8m), then around the lake (9m), back to the katy (6m), and let’s say (3.5m) home. So 26.5m. Man, I was hoping it was over 30, I was out for about 2 hours. All on the fixie. It was fun. Serious wind from the south around the lake. That’s how the Dutch get to be such good climbers. Towards the end my legs were on the verge of seizing but avoiding the retards on the trail is well distracting. I found myself wishing my rear cog had one more tooth on it. Fisher road right by the lake is a nice little hill; no choice but to stomp up it when one has only one gear.

The weather was perfect. Just arm warmers. I left hungry. I’ve had a bite upon my return and just had a transcendent cup of coffee. Back in Tucson we used to go out on cold mornings at 6 and get close to 60 miles in by 9, and then whoever had some extra time that day would go straight to the coffee shop. I had just started drinking coffee and there is nothing quite like a cup of joe on a cold day after a long ride.

I so need to move to Portland.

In PA we used to call these long ambling rides in the (there, much) cooler, pre-season months LSD rides–Long Slow Distance. Of course back then Long meant 60 miles, but still. But if you didn’t eat (like me today), the lack of legs required would cause the fuel situation to sneak up on you, and you could start to get a little loopy.

Today that was kinda the point.

(I like this video on so many levels. Obviously I was looking for this song, but this is a Tweaker remix I’d never heard before, the whole anime-remixing thing on YouTube is so interesting, and the fanboy comments are just awesome).