Colorwar (in Case You Were Wondering What that All Was About.) colorwar 2008:

There are dozens of teams, some of which are hundreds of players deep. Many of the players don’t really know what they joined or why, but for me and the wonderful coders that are working on this, it is a perfect implicit structure that can be used to start setting up the colorwar events. And beyond this, it is an idiom that can be used to create rapid affiliation and action models in the future.

Emphasis mine. I’m posting this here mostly for future reference and because of the statement I put in __, which is what I found most interesting about yesterday’s color team phenom.

the future is text

Like in Plato’s cave, maybe, but here the shadows are 140 characters long.

From the comments:

Think about relationships: the closest seem to live in a constant fuzziness of how that “love” or “commitment” can be defined, yet you don’t doubt it exists. But the relationship between me and my boss? Clear, defined… and very limited. Depth brings diffusion by definition.

The information is not on the words: it is in our collective memory…the constraints words place on communication force writers to innovate and probe the depths of the mental process of reading in order to communicate more than the meaning of words.