Oh Dear Lord of Buzzes Both Chemical and Medial

From Ad Age:

Starbucks is also dipping its toe into the world of social networking. Mr. Schultz acknowledged that the chain has “never had any online presence to speak of,” but hopes that will change with the launch of mystarbucksidea.com.

Chief Technical Officer Chris Bruzzo said the new site will present a variety of ideas for Starbucks, allow visitors to vote on those ideas, post comments and make their own suggestions. Votes will be tallied online, and ideas will be assigned a value in points.

From Brian Oberkirch:

I keep hearing horror stories of brands insisting on launching their own social networks. The short version of this post: don’t do it. We really don’t care. Really. We. Don’t. Care.

And, um, Starbucks? It’s called Get Satisfaction.

Seriously people.