...In the Middle of Our Street. Plus: Showers. And: Peeing Outside.

The new house is so big the child is afraid of the hallway.

It looks like we’ll survive our Weekend Without Water. Lots of hand sanitizer and gallon jugs of water. We are really looking forward to our first shower in the new house, though. We are really hopeful that the city men will start to work really early tomorrow and we’ll be first on the list, so at 8 when it’s time to get ready to ride the train to work, there might be the option to shower etc. And yes, I have been very tempted to go find the connection with the largest wrench I have.

A bunch of little details to take care of during the week. Like how there are no grounded outlets in the office. The things you don’t notice when you’re looking at places.

I am pretty scared of what the electricity bill is going to be like this summer.

We’re off to clean our respective old apartments now. Tonight we’re going to go down a list of friends by location looking for a place to bum a quick shower to last us until tomorrow (me until tomorrow night unless our above hopes are fulfilled).