Karadzic Arrested!

via ehampton, learned that Karadzic was arrested! Very good news! But my first question was “How?” It’s not like there has been a lack of resources on the job for the last 13 years. The following article helped answer that question a little bit.

Karadzic arrest signals new direction:

Radovan Karadzic has spent his first night in a cell at the special war crimes court in Belgrade, after 13 years on the run.

This was the arrest many people in the Balkans and beyond had come to believe would never happen.

The Hunting Party is actually a really good movie that is a fictional re- telling of a real-life reporter’s attempt to find Karadzic after the war. Don’t let the Richard Gere part fool you–it really is a great movie! And if you’re curious what this whole business is about, it’s a fun way to get caught up.