Last weekend my sister, nephews, Carissa, Penn, Lucy, Pavlov and Ringo piled clown-car style into a rented Suburban and drove to Oklahoma to visit family and celebrate a 95th birthday. Lucy met a lot of new people and handled it great. Pavlov swam for the first time in his life (he’s 9) and the dogs got to be dogs for the first time in a long time. Penn had fun every waking minute. On our way from the city back to “the farm” Saturday night he asked out of the blue, “Can we move to Oklahoma?”

3rd row of the clown car. Dogs are in the very back.

Lucy in the car

Roadtrip lunch



Pavlov swims for the first time ever!

Here is a picture of Penn on a trampoline that we are definitely not going to show the bone doctor next week when he has a check up for his broken collarbone.

(- -) (oo)

Two boys and a dog

Lucy loves ice cream!