Lucy: 8 Months

Pretty baby

Lucy is eight months old. She is cute. She likes to point and wave hello and goodbye to people and this is indicative of how close she will tolerate your presence. Over there. Where she can wave to you.

She is mommy’s girl. If I step out of the room she begins an escalating whine until I come back and pick her up. Which, of course, I promptly do. She gives me kisses. She grabs either side of my head and pulls me close and presses her drooly little lips against my cheek and holds it a beat too long. It is messy. And amazing.

She says “Da da da” and has connected that with Daniel. Sometimes she wakes up at 6 a.m. I pull her into the bed with us from her co-sleeper. When her sleepy eyes spy his sleeping face she pings awake and becomes the best da-da-da-smile alarm clock. Lucky for her that sort of thing works on him.


Penn and Lucy

Penn recently dropped the “Mr.” of “Mr. Daniel”. I was expecting that at some point; maybe not at 8. But I’m ok with it. It’s been a fun 4+ years being family with him. I look forward to the next 10+.