Week Five

Update: This was originally titled “Week Six” but I counted wrong!

There has been 100% less work done than planned. There has been Christmas, and lots of bicycle riding, and breakfasts, and dinner parties, and small tasks, and time with Penn and Lucy, and both of them being amazing in their own ways. And my wife, who I am so grateful for and who holds everything together with cuddles and baked goods.

Lucy in my bicyle caps

For the record, Lucy loves bicycles and bicycle paraphernalia.

There have been some ideas about what this new year should hold for me in terms of growth and better personhood. There have been a few first steps in the direction of those ideas. Nothing worth writing about just yet. But hope.

Lucy play and breakfast

For the record, I make a mean scrambled eggs.

Quietly, the week before last, a few days after Christmas, Lucy grew older than Margot was. Before she left us, Margot was walking. Lucy isn’t exactly close, but she’s making progress towards bipedalism. When remembering, there is a certain measure of cognitive dissonance, when the last weeks of Margot’s life are mostly a blur of pain and disbelief; and, well, all weeks with Lucy are so full of joy, laughter and happiness. I recently saw Penn playing with a three year-old and it was impossible not to imagine what it would be like to have Margot still here with us. But we don’t. We do have each other. And the four of us continue forward in a cloud of that grace and we will be grateful for every day it exists.

Penn climbing

For the record, Penn is a kick-ass climber. See that taller wall to his right? He reached the top of it, too.

The new record is almost done. It might have a title.

In the meantime, listen to this: