Enjoyed a week of birthday celebrations.

Fish Stephen Pyles

The evening of the 24th we had a guest for dinner and Carissa made salt-encrusted whole fish that was pretty much the best fish I’ve ever had. Monday (my actual birthday) she took me to Stephen Pyles for lunch. We indulged in the “Heaven and Hell” cake, which was big enough for four. We had it for dessert that night as well. That night I opened my present from my parents, the Rapha merino boxes which I have since worn them on my bicycle commute and they are as advertised, even if I don’t look as good as the guy in the promotional photographs. They’ll be great for mountain biking as well.

Hat Scones

Yesterday Carissa planned a birthday bike ride for me and so friends came over for coffee and scones and then we set about around town. I also received some locally-roasted coffee (our house can never have too much) and a rad 1983 Coors Classic bicycling cap to add to my collection. First stop was the bike shop where I received Carissa’s present of a new truing stand. Then (more) coffee, tacos and a brisk lap of White Rock Lake.


Lucy Walks

Lucy is happy, healthy, delightful and as of this week officially walks! Her presence in our lives is the best gift of them all and I am constantly in awe of her and grateful for her life.

This week Carissa is featured in D Moms magazine. Looks like the online version is a little bit different than what will be in print on Thursday, so be sure to give it a look if you see a copy while you’re out and about the town.