Big Week


Last Friday was a 10 (billable) hour day after a 4 hours of sleep night. That (Friday) night was in the top three most difficult nights of my (brief, I’ll admit) sobriety.

But we shipped. And shipping is always good, if always a bit disappointing. There are always bugs that wait until after you’ve shipped to reveal themselves. This is particularly true when there isn’t a QA process in place but I think it’s true regardless.

So I made due with some NA beer and a cigar.


I’m just so into this girl it’s insane. She calls me “dada” now (and Carissa “mama”). She is learning new things every day. The other day she learned how to say “sauce”, which is her best-pronounced word so far.

From the podcast

Most of you still don’t know I have a podcast (which is really just selections from other’s podcasts, with a few mashups thrown in for good measure) because I only mention it sporadically and don’t link to it anywhere else. I am also bad about updating it. Trying to fix that tonight.

Pete Rollins on “Religion for Life” podcast

What seemed like an innocent and probably blasé interview of thinker and friend Peter Rollins by who I assumed was a mainstream Christian podcaster turned into not only a really succinct primer on Peter’s most current ideas but also an almost hauntingly poignant discussion of a topic that hits very close to home.

Design hero Naz Hamid gets philosophical

Originally from the United Pixel Workers podcast (if you like this clip check out the entire 1.25 hour conversation).

Cloud Cult’s “Love” on NPR

“This album really looks at all the different aspects of the self that need to be healed up in order to facilitate the process of stepping aside and allowing love to speak for our life rather than our wounds,” lead singer Craig Minowa says.

The songs Minowa writes for his band can have the feel and hushed tones of a lullaby, and the emotion comes from a tragedy that’s all too real. One night back in 2002, Minowa and his wife put their 2-year-old son, Kaidin, to bed. Their beloved boy did not wake up.

Doctors could not explain why Kaidin died in his sleep, leaving Minowa to channel all that sadness and uncertainty into his work.

“…Everything that we did together, every moment that we had together, everything that he felt and everything that I felt for him still resonates out there in the universe. And I refuse to believe anything less than the idea that I’ll somehow be with my son again.”

From months ago, but always relevant

To visit my oldest daughter I have to go to the cemetery. And then I think, “You know, f**k you. I’m living how I’m going to live, because you have no f**king idea what this is like. You can give me no advice or impose your expectations on me.” And I sit here in front if her grave until my feet are asleep and the ants are crawling all over my legs and I look at pictures of her and I wonder WHY yet again and I write this. But mostly I miss her. I miss both who she was and I miss who she didn’t get to be.

The record

Has stagnated for a lot of reasons. It is hard to keep momentum when there are so many other things going on. The smallest hiccup in the process can become seemingly insurmountable. But there is a Facebook page for it, so go like it if you haven’t already.