Busy Busy Busy (Still)

Shipping again

Shipped a major refactor/rewrite of our application this week, with a lot of help and a lot of long days. There are still some rough spots but this was a huge win for sanity and future velocity. I also accepted a full time offer this week (or was it the end of last week?), so that’s official. Will be updating all the pertinent socnets as I get around to it.

A world all my own

I haven’t any time to ride during the week for the last two weeks save for a few bike commutes, but really late at night after I can’t code anymore I’ll play Minecraft for an hour give or take and slowly accomplish objectives in the game.

My valley of relative safety. Over the last few days I’ve been nurturing a sugarcane farm, from which I made paper (yeah, I don’t know either). Tonight I braved the depths of an empty mine I discovered and found some red stone (think magic uranium), I made it back to the surface, crafted a compass and then, combined with my paper, a map. I must say, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

16 months


So delightful she is!