New Coat of Paint

...and maybe some drywall, too

It all started pretty late last night as I emerged from a multi-day funk. I was working through some of the more recently captured cards on my board (including the one with the Linux setup tips I used) and had one to look into Tailwind, specifically something simple like a minimal blog template. We’re using Tailwind at work so something like throwing fresh paint on my blog seemed like the kind of thing that might give me a good introduction.

I ended up using a different “minimalist” blog template and stayed up really late and spent most of the morning getting it all working the way I wanted. For hours and hours I didn’t even think to open email or glance at social media, and it was glorious.

I even moved it all into a fresh repo and for some reason Jekyll just worked more than it ever has. I keep looking for a reason to switch up the engine, but Jekyll just keeps doing really well for me.

I do need to figure out how to actually build Tailwind with Jekyll but that will have to wait.